Star Wars Rebellion - Rebel Alliance - All Pieces Finished!

Star Wars Rebellion

I started painting these rebel units back in April, and the game in January 2017... and I'm finally done!

I wanted the Rebels to feel more thrown together, making due and maybe re-purposing other equipment for use against the Empire. So I tried to make them more unique looking. My favorites turned out to be a the tan Mon Calamari cruisers, the Ion Cannons, and the GR-75 transport ships.

The Rebels required more creativity and individuality, but the Empire required patience, as there are a lot of Imperial units.

I want to thank Docking Bay for inspiration, and both the blessing and curse of a great inspiration to take on this project.

Rebel Naval Forces

Rebel Ground Forces

Land (Snow) Speeders


Mon Calamari Cruisers

GR-75 Transports

Corellian Corevettes

Ion Cannons

Rebel Troopers


  1. I'm late to the rebellion party Ben, but I'm reading through the blog from Rob @ docking bay, and found your link. These look fantastic and of a high standard, certainly something to reach toward.

    1. Thank you! I am glad I did the project, but man it was a process. I've never painted a Warhammer army, but feel like I understand.


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