Blitz Bowl Sea Elf (Elven Union) team - Southsea Coast Breakers

My motivations for this Elf team came from the the idea of Sea Elves. Both Dungeons and Dragons 5e and the Warhammer Age of Sigmar feature Sea Elves. {Editor's Note: Apparently so did the Warhammer Old World, I just didn't know it until after!) They are very different in narrative, but that is not important -- visual inspiration was my goal and I meshed ideas for the look for these elves from both sources. Greenish skin, a cold facial look, but colorful hair and "good guy" colors... a mish-mash of Blood Bowl elves, Idoneth Deepkin, and Forgotten Realms "Sword Coastal" elves.

I would like to see a High Elf or Sea Elf team from Games Workshop. But doubt it will be coming... I include my old 1990's High Elf team at the end of the post here for comparison. I was so proud of these guys back in the day... I'll make a separate post for them someday soon -  just for fun.

Ionrach Skin {greenish pale skin}
Thousand Sons Blue {blue armor}
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Blitz Bowl Dwarf team - Grymhold Grudge Bearers

I was struck with an image of dark grey-skinned "duardin" style dwarves, born of fire and forge but living and playing Blitz Bowl in a frozen climate.

Black and Skavenblight Dinge {dark skin}
Caliban Green {jade armor}
Warplock Bronze {metal armor/accents}
Mournfang Brown {underlayer/trousers}
Ushabti Bone {straps}
Naggaroth Night {gems}
Bronzed Flesh {White and Blond beard}
Snakebite Leather (Balor)/Calthan Brown {Brown beards}
Snakebite Leather (Balor) + Jokareo Orange {Orange beards}
Rakarth Flesh {Bones/skulls}

Seraphine Sepia {orange and blond/white beards}
Agrax Earthshade{trousers/jerkins}{straps} {brown beards} {skulls}
Nuln Oil {dark skin}{all bronze areas}

Re-layer with original layers, then on to
Naggaroth Night mixed with Stormvermin Fur {dark skin} (with increasing Pale Wytch Flesh?)
Screaming Bell then Sycorax Bronze {bronze armor/accents}
Skrag Brown, then Deathclaw Brown{underlayer/trousers}
Screaming Scull, then Ivory {straps}
Naggaroth N…

Blitz Bowl Goblin team - StoneSkullz

My motivations for this goblin team came from the Ironjawz Orruk clan - Stoneskullz! Also the skin scheme was lifted from Totzro's Gitz.

Waaaagh! Flesh {green skin}
Cadian Fleshtone {ears, noses, and some knuckles}
Zandri Dust {bone color armor}
Khorne Red {armor accents}
Mournfang Brown {trousers/boots}
Rhinox Hide {straps}
Stormbolter Metal
Abaddon Black

Snarsnik Green {green skin}
Screaming Skull {bone color armor}
Cadian Fleshtone {ears, noses, and some knuckles}

Athonian Camoshade {green skin}
Carroburg Crimson {ears, noses, and some knuckles}
Seraphine Sepia {bone color armor}
Agrax Earthshade {all red areas}{trousers/boots}{straps}
Nuln Oil {silver armor}

Relayer with original layers, then on to
Snarsnik Green (with increasing amounts of Ushabti Bone)
Cadian Fleshtone (with increasing Pale Wytch Flesh) {ears, noses, and some knuckles}
Vallejo Ivory to White {bone color armor}
Fire Dragon Bright  {red armor accents}
Skrag Brown {trousers/boots}