Basing your miniatures tutorial - It's simple!

Basing your miniatures is really simple. Basing, if you are not familiar with what I mean, is adding textures, terrain, and/or plantlife to the base of a miniature to create a setting for the miniature. It can really make a big difference in the overall finish and polish of a mini.

1. After painting the minis they were ready to be based! I painted around the feet with a dark grey color so I don't have to put the basing paste right up to the feet of the mini (though sometimes it happens anyway):

2. I start with a paste like a Vallejo Earth Texture or the Citadel Texture paints (Stirland Mud, etc.) applied directly to the base. In this case Vallejo Dark Earth. Apply with an old brush and in a fairly thick layer. Thick enough to obscure the base underneath and to build some "ripples" or waves of texture into the ground.

3. Before the paste is dried, you can embed some "rocks" like slate, cork rocks, or sand. Use a small dab of some PVA (Elmers) glue to secure thes…

Fun is the best thing to have.

Sometimes you just need to take a break, and go fly your dragon.

Mounting and Priming

I thought I'd show my current method for mounting and priming.

I use a hot glue gun (like the $2 variety from Michaels or other crafts departments) to stick a mini to a nail. Usually this is a mini already on a base, or the base itself. But if not, I have stuck parts directly to the nail.

Then I stick the nail in some scrap foam and prime. Over the years, I have primed in white, grey, black, and various colors from the Army Painter and Citadel ranges of colored primers. I find that I prefer black and white "zenethal" highlighting these days. This refers to a highlight representing a light-source coming from the zenith above the mini.

That means I prime the model black, then come back and shoot white primer down at the minis from above, in a halo. This results in white upper portions of the mini and grey mid-range, with dark recesses. This creates a "pre-shade" to the base coat, and with today's thin primers like P3 or even Corax White, I haven't had any…

Star Wars - Imperial Assault - Merc - Wave 4 - Bantha Rider

Imperial Assault - Mercs
Bantha Rider - Mercs - Wave 4

This shaggy desert mount didn't attract me at first. I love Star Wars, but it took seeing some inspiring paint jobs online to see the value in this model, so I picked one up and followed Soerestro's walkthrough on YouTube.

The Reckoners

The Reckoners - A Brandon Sanderson novel
The Reckoners
The novel Steelheart, and it's sequels, tell the tale of superheroes with big egos and cold hearts of coal and the regular people who try to deal with them. 

These minis didn't inspire me to paint them, but after the Specter Ops expereint, I liked the look of mono color minis and the time needed is minimal, so I decided to try again and add an accent color to each mini.

Steelheart and his Enforcers

The game came with 2 Steelheart minis, one metal and one plastic. I painted the plastic one, along with his Enforcer police force.